The Wildwood Grill at Fontana Village Resort

The Wildwood Grill

Located in the center of the Fontana Village Resort, the Wildwood Grill offers a warm and charming ambience, wonderful food, and friendly service. Whether you dine on the lively patio or settle into a cozy table inside, the Wildwood Grill delivers an unequaled mountain view with music, food, and great friends!

Gather your group for the daily recap and tell tales of disc golf wins, fish pulled from Fontana Lake, and the amazing sights of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. 

Bring the amazing food of the Grill to your camping hotspot by calling for take-out pizza and more tasty snacks!

Join us for lunch or dinner. Stay close and relax after a casual meal near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The Grill is the front door to everything happening in Fontana Village Resort. There's Fontana's famous softball games, a game of billiards or pinball in the Game Room, water fun with Fontana Lake rentals, and much more. The Wildwood Grill is open seasonally from Spring through Fall.

Please check with the Front Desk for current hours of operation.