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Welcome to Fontana Village

A Timeless Tradition

A destination since 1942, Fontana Village Resort & Marina is where generations have come to take in the beauty, adventure, and inspiration of the Great Smoky Mountains. With a rich history of community, this hidden gem is a celebration of all that makes the outdoors worth coming back to, again and again.


Village Favorites

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  • Ideal Location Along World-Famous Driving Routes
  • Full-Service Marina on Beautiful Fontana Lake
  • Cozy Cabins, Lodge Rooms, and Campgrounds
  • Indoor & Outdoor Event Spaces With On-Site Catering
  • Delicious Resort Dining (Full Service & Grab n’ Go)
  • Pitstop Gas Station With Premium Gas
  • Convenient Laundry Facilities

Our History

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Fontana Village was originally built as a town for the workers who came from all around the country to construct the Tennessee Valley Authority Fontana Dam. Workers brought their families, creating a true community. The town featured its own schools, a hospital, a post office, and even a library and a softball field. Because of how remote the location was, an entire railroad had to be built to transport supplies to the camp. Construction of Fontana Dam was completed in 1944.

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People came in droves to see the biggest dam this side of the Mississippi. With all the amenities of a town already in place — and the vast lake and National Park — the construction settlement became a resort village. It wasn’t until 2011 that the Town of Fontana Dam was incorporated. From a wartime boomtown population of 7,000 in the 1940s, the Town of Fontana Dam of today has a permanent population of somewhere between 13 and 30 people, and the Dam’s Visitor Center records more than 100,000 visitors each year.

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A destination for every season, Fontana Village honors its past and present by remaining stewards of the beautiful land we were built upon. From the Great Smoky Mountains to 238 miles of breathtaking shoreline, it’s no wonder that generations of families return year after year to make new memories, to take in the fresh mountain air, and to celebrate the history of Fontana Village.